Once a figment of science fiction, augmented reality has made major leaps in recent years, and is poised to become the next major virtual playground. As opposed to virtual reality, which generally restricts your vision with a headset, and requires you to have a somewhat stationary environment (particularly for major headsets like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, which must be connected to a powerful computer in order to be operated), augmented reality (or AR) functions by altering your view of the environment through a device's screen. For example, while looking through something like a digital camera display, digital images or graphics will populate in your view, dependent on different environmental triggers. Augmented reality also takes much less power than virtual reality, functioning (in most cases) on something as simple as a smart phone.

Although AR has a number of real-world applications (including architectural design and even archeological research), gaming and social media have thrust the technology into the modern spotlight. As mobile devices and AR technologies become more sophisticated, major software and hardware developers have begun to place their bets on AR as the next frontier for entertainment - and what's entertainment without a little dose of naughty?

Soon, we'll be launching our own sexy take on augmented reality, and you're invited to be one of the first to try it out. Even better, the Naughty America AR beta is completely SFW, so you can use the app wherever you go.

Hurry, though – the first Naughty America augmented reality beta test is limited to 10,000 participants, and those spots are going to go fast. Get ready to see America in a naughty new light – sign up now to secure your place in Naughty America's AR beta!